Sealions everywhere

00.53:78N 89:36.70W
Dear friends and family!!
Sailing between Las Perlas, Panama and Galapagos has been absolutely fantastic. After two days with quite strong winds and high speed, everything settled around 10 knots for a while. Yes, I mean that with our code 0 and wind of 10 knots we sailed in 10 knots! Slowly the wind decreased to 8 knots, and Spirit sailed in 8 knots! Added to this we often experienced a favourable current of 1-2 knots.
Ahhhhh the sailing feeling was great!
And the warm beautiful nights half with about half moon, and half with “only” stars.
In the early, early morning of the 16th february we approached the equator with smoth sailing in 6-7 knots.
King Neptun served Whiskey and now every four of us has sailed over the equator. A magic moment!
Winds dropped and we were in the Doldrums. The big sea like a huge mirror with a beautiful sunrise.
Captain Erik wanted to do a last check on the hull before going into San Christobal, the first island in the Galapagos archipelago.
In harbour a huge inspection waited for us.
Well anchored in the nice harbour 10 different officials came with a watertaxi to Spirit. 8 went on board and 2 dived on our bottom and hull to check if they would find any barnacles or to much green “hair”
Erik and I welcomed the other 8 into the boat where the airconditioning was going on. For one hour we filled in paper, they asked Erik lots of questions, went in and out in our cupbards reading due date on every tin and coke. Also our first aid kit the went through and there found a couple of items that had passed due date.
I really had do look the doctor in her eyes and ask her if it would be possible to keep those burn gel and anti allergic shock medicine. Those things we have been told are ok for some years more…and yes, we were allowed to keep it.
Finally one hour later the inspectors left the boat (although one of them liked Spirit so much that he wanted to stay)
-every one were happy and we got an big OK. Spirit is clean and environmental friendly inside and underneath.
Now we are exploring this unique beautiful island of San Christobal.
The sea lions rule this place. If you are not careful you easily get sea lions on and in your boat…with a intricate smell and mess…
But they are so cool, pretty and happy. They really inspire and to relax and –don’t worry, be happy!
We also went to a sweetwater lake in the middle of a volcano. Here the beautiful Frigatebirds fly and swim.
Next fascinating animal we explored was the tortoises. They are so slow and growing through their whole lifes. The biggest –and oldest are about 1,5 m and weight around 250 kg. And they live for 150 –200 years!!
On a visit to a small farm in the middle of the island we saw all exotic fruits youcan imaging groing –including cocoa and coffee.
Everything so tasty, genuine and beautiful.
I think Erik most enjoyed the small sweet bananas!
We will go on exploring. Tell more soon.
All the best to you!
Erik, Pia
Lena and Eivind

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