Welcome Elsa, -Santa Cruz

00.44:32N 90:18.50W
40 Nm from Isla Isabela is the main island in Galapagos, Santa Cruz.
During sunrise the 24:th February Erik and I set off for Santa Cruz. Too little wind and current against so we raised the diesel-“genua” to be in time in Puerto Ayora meeting our new crew-member Elsa!
A good ancorage and well organized with the extra stern anchor we took the taxi boat ashore and met Elsa at a café in the harbour.
Elsa had a long, long journey behind, travelling from Moscow where she works, via Stockholm to repack and pick up some parts to the boat, a watermaker-pump to Miera Nieda (the Finnish boat in the fleet) and plenty of ice-plastic bags that Anna Klange helped us to get. Thanks a lot!
In every supermarket we have been to since the start on Saint Lucia we have looked for this genious bags that you can make ice-cubes in. Our freezer is too small to store big amounts of ice that you buy ashore.
The first night on Santa Cruz and with Elsa we went to a nice restaurant together with the crew from Two fish. Elsa and I had a lovely fresh Chervice and Erik and the others enjoyed good cooked chicken. I was so impressed that Elsa stayed awake during the whole evening!
Early next morning we left Spirit for a full day tour to Isla Bartolome. First a 45 minutes bus-trip, then 2,5 hrs boat (in 8 knots…ie slower than Spirit sailing…). But the tour was so relaxing and we had tha most beautiful views of Galapagos from a volcano top we climbed. At the top we had a show by tho beautiful Galapagos hawks! Again, those un-afraid animals here at Galapagos are so fascinating! This hawk is one of the world’s rarest raptors with up to 800 individuals on these islands. They are the top natural predator in Galapagos.
After the climb we had a beautiful swim by a gorgeous beach and snorkeled around “The Pinacle” –a sharp cliff with lots of colourful fishes, and Erik and Elsa were lucky to se sharks!
Well back to Puerto Ayora in the evening we were all tired and had an easy dinner before heading out home to Spirit with the taxi boat.
Friday morning –I got a jogging friend, Elsa!
Elsa and I went for a lovely jogg in the land of sea lions, iguanas and turtois. On the way back we boughgt some fresh bread to share with captain Erik for breakfast.
Today should be the day of waiting…waiting for fueling, zarpe (a paper that tells that we and Spirit have left the country) and ok from immigration.
Our plan is to leave Galapagos a few days earlier than the rest of World-ARC fleet.
Many thanks to World cruising club for very g
ood help with administration and other excellent tips and advices during our stay in Galapagos!

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