Outrigger in Muscet Cove

17:46.24S 177:11.33E
Spirit is since a week a home for only the two of us, captain Erik & Pia.
Compare to many of the other boats in the World ARC Rally we live in a chateaux with quite a lot of space.
Yes we are so privileged.
We are now at our last anchorage in Fiji, back in Muscet Cove. All our sailing friends are here now but we all feel that we are heading towards an end of this fantastic adventure. Out of about 30 boats in the fleet from the beginning, only 8 will continue the whole way around the globe, back to Saint Lucia in the Caribbean.
Some boats have already left and some will stay in Fiji to spend more time here. I completely understand them! Fiji is so lovely. We both hope we come back here some day.
But we will still head on to Australia where we will end our adventure and leave Spirit.
Muscet Cove is a nice place for recreation. Nice small mud-roads for walking or running, a small golf course and of course possibilities for beach volley ball and water sports.
Erik and I have had an eye on the gorgeous little outrigger that our friends on Paradise Found bought in Papete. Here we had a go in it and it is great fun!
You might watch out for an white & blue little out rigger in Stockholm archipelago next summer…
Look at Erik –he really got that balance, and the right leaning slightly to his left.
The yacht club –of which we now are life time members and the marina in Muscet invited us sailors on a beautiful barbecue last night. The main course was pork –the pig was grilled slowly during the day and it was the best pork I ever had!
And the evening together with our friends were so warm and happy.
Now we are just waiting to clear out from Fiji. Two men from customs & immigrations will come out to Muscet from “main land” Vitu Levu and do the clearance out here.
Longing out to the sea now!
Stay tuned.
Pia & Erik

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