To give is to get

19:31.48S 169:29.65E
The beautiful, warm people were so friendly. We also understand that they have not got so much things here.
– But does things really make you more happy?
No, I do not believe so. But although, we felt it is nice to give away things we bought for them, and things and food we do not need on the boat.
Together with the World ARC we have bought things from a list of hard-ware materials for building up the yacht club and the small cottages they have there as hotel rooms. It was all destroyed by the hurricane (here they call it cyclone) Pam last year. From Spirit we gave electrical stuff. Two cottages has been built up again after Pam destroyed everything. I went in to look at one, really cosy! Erik did a great effort in helping the school with their second hand computers which they just got and all of them did not really work.
I also gave some clothes and shoes to Miriam the teacher in the nursery school. She got so happy!
The reading glasses that we asked Elsa to bring from Sweden earlier this year we gave to the nurse. The thought is that she knows who in the village that needs the glasses most. Also I made a bag of food that we calculated we will not need before Australia and gave some of it to the nurse, and some to Werry at the yacht club.
Before giving we already were friends with the locals.
After this giving I just have the feeling that we became richer.
Pia & Erik

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