819 nm to-go

22:16.50S 166:26.00E
Now are we ready for our last crossing on this adventure!
Yesterday evening we decided to have a soft night with take-away dinner from Mc Donalds, a movie on the boat and early bed.
It was good fun, and we all fell asleep early!
Before sunrise we got up and prepared ourselves to leave. I went up for a short jogg and shower ashore, Laura had her hot chocolate, Josh his porridge, and Erik down-loaded DN (Swedish newspaper) and enjoyed fried eggs on toast. Spirit is relaxed and ready to go.
07.30 we left Noumea in the morning sun.
Laura and Josh took the opportunity while in flat water, to cook a great Bolognese that we will have for dinner. Out from the reef we now have beautiful sailing in 15-22 Kt wind from 120-130 degrees.
Run Spirit run, – towards Australia!
Sail on!
Pia, Erik. Laura and Josh

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