Another day in paradise

17:32.37S 149:34.19W
You never get too much of swimming and snorkeling in the turqoise water!
Even though two of us got burns on our hands by a jellyfish. So paradise also have its thorns..
But we all are fine and just enjoying paradise in all its ways.
Dinner at Spirit restaurant –the best!
Sara and Sofia practice advanced yoga on the SUP.
Yesterday Spirit crew toured Tahiti island and enjoyed all its beauty.
We got a lovely cold shower in the waterfalls, strolled among the most beautiful flowes in the botanic garden and got a total blow from the Blow-hole (Blåshålet helt enkelt!)! The Blow hole is where the waves from South Pacific ocean smashes into the steep grey cliffs and through a hole air is pushed and come out like a big hair blower. It sounds like a monster sleeps underneeth!
Next time it’s april!
Pia, Erik
Sara, Sofia and William

Cool warm Moorea

17:31.39S 149:45.87W
Moorea is the beautiful sister island to Tahiti.
With it’s green steep mountains and turquoise bays it’s just breathtaking!
Upon Moorea’s beauty itself comes the majestetic clouds that frames the scenery so smooth.
We have tried to explore this beauty as most we can.
Swimming, snorkeling, paddling, running and driving four wheel motorbikes up and down the hills and through the pinaple plantations.
And then swimming again…
The dinghy took us to the Sting Ray city where we snorkeled with sharks, sting rays and beaytiful fishes!
Warm stalty hugs,
Erik, Pia, Sofia, Sara and Wille!!
NaNa (goodbye in Tahitian)

Welcome to Easter holiday

17:30.22S 149:49.25W
In Sweden we call today the long Friday.
For our new crew, Sara, Sofia and William this day probably has been the longest in their lifes.
That is what happens when you travel west, and long distans west.
Anyway, this Friday morning local Tahiti time they arrived to Spirit!
We met at the Papete airport and it was really great to see the kids and happy Sara.
Spirit arrived to Papete yesterday. We had a smooth 30 hours sailing from the Tuamotus, and again a strange feeling came to us coming in to the civilization again.
Outside Tahiti there is a reef, and you have to navigate in a certain passage to get in to the calm water inside.
Here in Papete the harbour interferes with the airport in a way that we have to call the air traffic control on the vhf and get a clear to go…
but the aeroplanes landes and took off and it was a bit thrilling being around with a mast of around 27 metres high.
After some breakfast and shower, Spirit left Papete and Tahiti towards the sister island Moorea.
Here we enjoy clear water swimming and relaxing.
Finally the long Friday has come to an end and soon we all sleep sweet on a safe anchorage.
Spirit, Erik and I are so happy to have Sara, Sofia and William here for some beautiful Easter sailing and holidays.
Happy Easter to you!!

About time and the horizon..

17:11.24S 149:22.91W
While Spirit rushes through the smooth sea by the energy from the wind, it’s easy to reflect about the time.
We measure time with clocks and watches and turn them back and forward, just like we want to control the time..
For example,
In Sweden we turn our clocks forward to summer time on Sunday!
And sailing west, we also every now and then fiddle with the clock-time here on Spirit.
On Hiva Oa we were 9 1/2 hrs after UTC, and leaving Marquesas we just turned clock another half hour back to get the Tuamutos time –which is 10 hrs after UTC.
On Tahiti where we will arrive today we will be 11 hours after Swedish time,
and on Sunday 12 hours after. Yes, we are far away now!
Time is what it is, and life is just now and now in every moment.
The moment, that is the meaning of life, I heard a 89 year old lady said recently.
The moment is like the sun, full of direct energy,
The past and the future is like the moon, which not shines by itself but reflect the rays from the sun.
We can only live with our entire energy in the moment.
But it is so easy that our thoughts and mind take us a lead in the past or the future. The tool I think is just to be aware of this.
On my military high scool it was very strict; “Provided time is sufficient time”..
Our swedish author Bodil Jönsson has written so many bright words about time;
– Everybody has the same amount of time.
– Let the time come towards you, don’t rush after.
– Time is not enough is like saying that the horizon must be further out.
And here on Spirit we can tell, the horizon is where it is, and we never reach it
–or maybe do we reach it all the time when we are sailing?
On the ocean we live with an unbroken horizon, that makes you feel so free!
We are almost not reacheble, which means we are in our own thoughts, are not interrupted and we are able to concentrate -if we want.
Yes, it is a very relaxing and a very living life.
Sail on!

Farewell Elsa

14:53.97S 147:51.06W
Saying farewell is always a bit emotional.
After four happy, nice and well sailed weeks together it was time to leave Elsa at the airport.
The taxi to the airport was the best you can imagine, our dinghy!
I will in future airport taxis always close my eyes and remember this. Open air, horizon, warm turquoise water, no hurry, no worry, no ques or parking fees.
At the small charming airport we met happy smiling people and left Elsa for her new adventures in life.
We wish you good luck with everything and all the best!
See you somewhere else next time!
Sail on!

Rangiroa – Tuamotu, French Polynesia

14:58.11S 147:38.16W
Our second atoll Rangiroa is paradise!
Around sunrise we were ready to go through the passage, which looked quite smooth. The current were 2-3 knots against us. We really prefer to go against the current compare to have the current with you. It’s easier to control Spirit and also the choppy water is in the entrance where the water meets the big ocean. It’s worse to meet the choppy chaotic water just when coming in and you are not sure about the bottom and depth since you can not see.
We also this Sunday morning got escorted by a small boat with a local couple coming back from fishing. They were very happy and kind.
In Rangiroa atoll there is a must, it’s the Blue lagoon. We went there, anchored and Elsa and I took the dinghy to view this really beautiful lake in the atoll.
Guidebooks tell that you only go here in very calm weather, and today it was on the limit. That’s why Captain Erik choosed to stay on Spirit.
For a safe night anchorage we found a georgeous lagoon just by the main village, Tiputa.
This lagoon is flat and turqoise, just incredable beautiful!
Also a perfect place to really clean and polish Spirit. The beautiful site inspires you to have a shining sweet boat.
We did a great job with many litres of sweat –although we started very early in the morning.
Now Spirit suits very well in the lagoon, and we enjoy the local beer by a window table in the harbour.
Unfortunately the pretty black birds also likes our clean and shining Spirit…they enjoy so much sitting on my newly polished pulpit…
Warm regards and thoughts to you all
from Erik, Pia and Elsa!

Window sail

15:00.69S 147:46.51W
Some years ago it was common to have a see-through patch on your dinghy- or windsurfing sail. Very clever, because you suddenly were able to see what’s happening in front of the boat.
During our last week at sea we have tried this invention on Spirit’s main sail.
Well, the point is not that clear here in the middle of Southern Pacific. Not so much happens in front of the sail –only maybe an interesting cloud. But almost some blue sky shine through.
To be serious, we already knew this weak part of the main leaving Las Palmas.
A new main has been ordered through Eivind (who sailed with us from Saint Lucia to Galapagos) and will be delivered to Tahiti in a couple of weeks. Eivind is representing the Italian sailmaker One Sails in Sweden.
So for some hundreds Nm more this old main have to carry us with the wind!
Todays soundtrack:
“Vem kan segla för utan stor…”
Sail on
in atoll

Ahe – Our first Atoll

14:26.70S 146:21.70W
We have made our first passage into an atoll!
It feels great, like have entranced into a secret place on earth.
After a great sailing from Marquesas we approached the Ahe atoll. A totally different siluette compared to the Hiva Oa approach!
So close (600 Nm) but so different nature. Hiva Oa green and hilly, Ahe flat with palm trees surrounded by white sand.
The entrance to the atoll looked quite simple. So after some careful watching the water we startded to go through the 200m wide inlet. In the middle of the channel we realized we had 5 knots of current going with us against 10 knots of wind blowing out while we tried to go in. With corals on both sides and unreliable charts we chickened out and turned around almost there, but we couldn’t see bottom because of intensive small waves.
So we decided to wait for better times.
–Why do not clean the bilge meanwhile waiting? The sea is quite flat and we have plenty of time. So we did.
After 2 hours we made a new try to go through. Now with no problem. Moving inside lagoon was a piece of cake. Anchored in crystal clear, FLAT water just N of small village. We all enjoyed a lovely swim and beautiful snorkeling! Here we could have stayed a few days, but Elsa has a flight to catch from next atoll –Rangiroa.
We went off in late afternoon. Going out was easy. The current and the wind in streamed in the same direction, we motored on our incomming track.
Came out in the Pacific again with a great new experience.
We felt so lucky, celebrated with a sundowner
and now
sail on!


14:20.84S 146:04.11W
Sedan vi lämnade Hiva Oa och Marquesas, frukternas ö har vi nu nya rutiner på Spirit.
Mitt på eftermiddagen, när vi börjar bli utmattade av sol och värme sätter vi oss i skuggan under soltaket.
Här har vi havsutsikt och bananer växer numera på akterstaget.
I byssan hämtar vi skatter. Grapefrukt, papaya och lime är gåvor från lokalbefolkningen på Hiva Oa.
Vi choppar upp lite av varje och njuter en fruktstund i sittbrunnen. Så härligt och läskande.
Grapefrukten är stor som en handboll och smakar helt gudomligt. En ljuvlig balans av syrlighet och sötma.
Atoller snart i sikte!
Sail on!