Rangiroa – Tuamotu, French Polynesia

14:58.11S 147:38.16W
Our second atoll Rangiroa is paradise!
Around sunrise we were ready to go through the passage, which looked quite smooth. The current were 2-3 knots against us. We really prefer to go against the current compare to have the current with you. It’s easier to control Spirit and also the choppy water is in the entrance where the water meets the big ocean. It’s worse to meet the choppy chaotic water just when coming in and you are not sure about the bottom and depth since you can not see.
We also this Sunday morning got escorted by a small boat with a local couple coming back from fishing. They were very happy and kind.
In Rangiroa atoll there is a must, it’s the Blue lagoon. We went there, anchored and Elsa and I took the dinghy to view this really beautiful lake in the atoll.
Guidebooks tell that you only go here in very calm weather, and today it was on the limit. That’s why Captain Erik choosed to stay on Spirit.
For a safe night anchorage we found a georgeous lagoon just by the main village, Tiputa.
This lagoon is flat and turqoise, just incredable beautiful!
Also a perfect place to really clean and polish Spirit. The beautiful site inspires you to have a shining sweet boat.
We did a great job with many litres of sweat –although we started very early in the morning.
Now Spirit suits very well in the lagoon, and we enjoy the local beer by a window table in the harbour.
Unfortunately the pretty black birds also likes our clean and shining Spirit…they enjoy so much sitting on my newly polished pulpit…
Warm regards and thoughts to you all
from Erik, Pia and Elsa!

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