About time and the horizon..

17:11.24S 149:22.91W
While Spirit rushes through the smooth sea by the energy from the wind, it’s easy to reflect about the time.
We measure time with clocks and watches and turn them back and forward, just like we want to control the time..
For example,
In Sweden we turn our clocks forward to summer time on Sunday!
And sailing west, we also every now and then fiddle with the clock-time here on Spirit.
On Hiva Oa we were 9 1/2 hrs after UTC, and leaving Marquesas we just turned clock another half hour back to get the Tuamutos time –which is 10 hrs after UTC.
On Tahiti where we will arrive today we will be 11 hours after Swedish time,
and on Sunday 12 hours after. Yes, we are far away now!
Time is what it is, and life is just now and now in every moment.
The moment, that is the meaning of life, I heard a 89 year old lady said recently.
The moment is like the sun, full of direct energy,
The past and the future is like the moon, which not shines by itself but reflect the rays from the sun.
We can only live with our entire energy in the moment.
But it is so easy that our thoughts and mind take us a lead in the past or the future. The tool I think is just to be aware of this.
On my military high scool it was very strict; “Provided time is sufficient time”..
Our swedish author Bodil Jönsson has written so many bright words about time;
– Everybody has the same amount of time.
– Let the time come towards you, don’t rush after.
– Time is not enough is like saying that the horizon must be further out.
And here on Spirit we can tell, the horizon is where it is, and we never reach it
–or maybe do we reach it all the time when we are sailing?
On the ocean we live with an unbroken horizon, that makes you feel so free!
We are almost not reacheble, which means we are in our own thoughts, are not interrupted and we are able to concentrate -if we want.
Yes, it is a very relaxing and a very living life.
Sail on!

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