Another day in paradise

17:32.37S 149:34.19W
You never get too much of swimming and snorkeling in the turqoise water!
Even though two of us got burns on our hands by a jellyfish. So paradise also have its thorns..
But we all are fine and just enjoying paradise in all its ways.
Dinner at Spirit restaurant –the best!
Sara and Sofia practice advanced yoga on the SUP.
Yesterday Spirit crew toured Tahiti island and enjoyed all its beauty.
We got a lovely cold shower in the waterfalls, strolled among the most beautiful flowes in the botanic garden and got a total blow from the Blow-hole (Blåshålet helt enkelt!)! The Blow hole is where the waves from South Pacific ocean smashes into the steep grey cliffs and through a hole air is pushed and come out like a big hair blower. It sounds like a monster sleeps underneeth!
Next time it’s april!
Pia, Erik
Sara, Sofia and William

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