Also Spirit in the air

17:32.37S 149:34.19W
Halloj Skepp ohoj!
We have been spending a lot of time around Tahiti-Moorea and since the last blog “In the air”, a lot of work has been done on the boat. Cleaning and fixing on Spirit and especially Erik has been working for some engagements at home.
Since we now is about half way through the Pacific and Papete is a big city, we have had a good opportunity to prepair for the next 3 1/2 months at sea. Spirit had in this warm water developed a green long fur growing on her stomack (lurvig på magen to speak clear Swedish!). So we decided to get her into the air! We found a great yard that helped us with the lifting using a proffessional travel lift. New antifouling was painted between the big showers we have had the last days.
It feels so good to have checked Spirit underneath. And wow, now with new black underwater body and a shining propeller she is really sexy. The dolphins will love to play around with Spirit now!
Erik inspected everything and now we are ready to sail again…
…but still waiting for a new mainsail!
All went well going into the water again. Before entering the harbour and marina we again have to contact the port-air traffic controller on channel 12! It is really funny to get a “clear to pass” (the runway) when you are on a sailingboat! Confusing if we are still in the air..
–but no, we are safely back into the sea!
Now back to fix and pottering
– Erik doing tha last details on our new favourite installation –a towel heater!
– I will give the dinghy a big scrub and cleaning
Enjoy the weekend!
Pia and Erik

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