Sail on

16:13.51S 166:45.67W
At sea again. Towards new discoveries and new countries.
Next country will be the very little one called Niue.
For most Swedes well known because of their domain .nu
which many people use –when .se and .com was taken (nu = now)
We enjoy beautiful gennacker sailing mixed with squalls.
The squalls occur in this weather situation mainly night time. The sea water temperature is quite homogenous and does not gain so much heat during day time. Only the potential energy in the air is accumulating during day time. Then during the night the cloud tops will cool and trigger the vertical convection process in the clouds. The strongest squalls are then to be seen right before sun rise –according to this theory.
That was today’s weather school.
We are happy in both sun and rain. That is how it is at sea.
And on these latitudes you at least don’t freeze…!
We hope you are happy with the weather too.
Sail on!
Pia & Erik

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