Fakaalofa lahi atu!

19:03.33S 169:55.47W
Welcome to Niue!
We had a very beautiful sailing all the way to the approach of this little rock in the middle of the Pacific.
I changed our courtesy flag from Cook Island to Niue. Next time during the Olympic flag parades I will be very concentrated to watch for this small countries flags! I am sure they at least have good athletes in canoeing and swimming.
Niue is one of the smallest countries on earth and the largest raised coral atoll in the world. It is also the place that 1500 residents call home.
These people are fantastically friendly and you feel like their friend when they wave to you wherever you meet. Also they are aware that we are here and say
-Hello, so you are from Spirit V? Wow!
No mobile phones in sight, and Internet is built on 2G, which make it so and so..
People are happy, warm and present. The air is wonderful with nice temperature.
The island is clean and surrounded by crystal clear water that caress the islands lime stone coast full of caves and pools. Sometimes the water turns to be more rough and violent and that is a part of the beauty!
Let’s go ashore and discover!
The last image is pretty Niue flowers to all Mothers on tomorrow’s Mother’s day!
Here it is still Saturday morning. We turned our clocks one hour back again –for the last time. Now we are 13 hours behind you.
Take care!
Pia & Erik

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