Welcome Tomas!

16:46.70S 179:19.98W
We are so happy to welcome Tomas to Spirit!
It feels like Spirit is complete again.
Everything that we do on the boat is made so swiftly and with joy. It is not only that we got two more hands and a lot of muscles. It is also that Tomas is a very thinking and experienced sailor and has sailed very much with captain Erik. They together on a boat is a little like a couple that have been married for a long time, they almost don’t need to speak but things just happen.
We took a morning walk to meet Tomas on the other side of the mountain in Savusavu. The walk was breath-taking and when we arrived to the small airstrip the small plane just landed with five passengers on..   Welcome Tompa!
Next morning I went on my morning jogg along the coast of Vanu Levu. I met the young Fijian girls waiting for the school bus and they are just so happy, in full harmony and so pretty in the morning sun!
We did some provisioning at the market and also some proteins (chicken & lamb) from the supermarket.
We throw the bow lines and off we went out towards new adventures in the Fiji islands.
Bye bye Savusavu –for this time!
Erik, Tompa & Pia 

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