Cloud Break

17:46.24S 177:11.33E
This morning we woke up on totally flat water. All calm, but a roaring sounded in the west.
That was the THE iconic “Cloudbreak” we heard. South of Muscet Cove and outside the Tavarua island where we are is a reef where the waves break is great. The place is rated one of the top ten waves in the world! Cloudbreak is a “must surf” wave on most surfers bucket list.
Depending on swell, direction and power it can be a long wall with tubing sections or a very long and critical barrel.
The wave is surfable up to 20 ft, but also fun at 2 ft. If it is over 6 ft it is only for experienced surfers..
-I believe we need some practice..
Between us and the reef the beautiful Atlantic is anchored. Her three masts were beautifully mirrored in the sea this calm morning.
What a beautiful masterpiece!

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